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Along with following we also provide customised solutions to enterprises

Vehicle Tracking

For your personal and commercial vehicle's better security, service performance and business success.

Personal Tracking

Security and management solution for people like lone workers, hikers, students and family members.

Asset Tracking

Portable & sleek designed products for valuable movable assets include containers, luggage, motorcycle, people and pets.

Tracking Applications

User-friendly web & mobile apps for you to monitor & track your vehicles, personals and assets using GPS tracking devices.


24x7 Live Tracking

- You can see your one or many vehicles location live on single Google map with status i.e. moving, speed, direction, current address, ignition, idle, parked etc.
- This maintains your privacy so that your vehicles will be viewable to you only.


- Allows you to fence off certain areas on the map and be immediately alerted when a vehicle or person or asset enters or leaves the area. So this will relax you from frequently checking locations of vehicles.
- Provides (i) protection from theft or illegal use of your vehicle when goes out from your parking or servicing place and (ii) safety for children and elders suffering from Alzheimer disease from their unexpected movement during a time.

Remote Vehicle Immobiliser

Enables you to remotely cut-off vehicle petrol/power to stop it through a web or mobile application, in the case of its theft or unwanted movement.

SOS & Event Notifications

- Under the emergency, press the SOS button in the vehicle, and the tracker will send SMS to all authorized phone number and monitoring platform. Also, you can hear live audio of inside vehicle.
- As soon as the device detects any major vibration or over speed, it will send alerts to you.

Live Video Stream & DVR

- You could see live videos of inside your vehicle like Bus, Van through the mobile app.
- Its other valuable features are DVR, 2 Cameras, Night Vision, 3G ready, Video data storage, both way Talking.

History & Reports

Missed the action live? You can get that all later. Every 10-15 seconds live movement, with all status, is available for playback at any point in time.

Our Free Family Mobile App

If you haven't decide yet to expense then download and use TOTALLY FREE our mobile app. Its a real-time tracking and safety app for your family members and friends to whom you are most concerned. It maintains privacy and allows tracking within your defined group only so no worries. Also, it doesn't require to buy or use any additional GPS tracker device.

CareU Family Locator

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